Base Gel

The base coat comes in both clear and colored variations, intended for application on short to medium nails. Its flexible nature allows it to bend along with the nails, making it particularly suitable for short nails or strong mid-length ones. However, for mid-length nails that are weak and thin, using a soft base may lead to cracking and breakage, as it fails to provide ample support against bending. It can be directly applied onto well-prepped, clean natural nails.


Builder Gel

Builder Gel is akin to a thick, adhesive gel, distinguished by its sturdy composition, tailored for mid-length to long nails. Unlike its flexible counterpart, it maintains a rigid structure, effectively safeguarding natural nails against bending. Ideal for reinforcing and fortifying natural nails, Builder Gel offers extended durability compared to Base Gel. Moreover, it serves as a versatile option for nail extension purposes. Prior application of a base gel layer is essential, as Builder Gel lacks inherent adhesion to natural nails.



Acrygel, Polygel, or Acrylatic is a robust fusion of gel and acrylic, boasting a dense and formidable consistency akin to modeling clay. Its pliable nature allows for precise shaping and molding, ensuring it retains its form without any risk of leakage or deformation. Primarily employed for nail extensions and addressing cracked or fractured nails, this versatile substance also proves effective in correcting uneven nail surfaces, courtesy of its substantial thickness. Prior application of a base layer is imperative for adhesion to natural nails.

Marina Grinchenko