Gel nail polishes have gained immense popularity in the beauty industry for their long-lasting and durable formula. Unlike traditional nail polish, gel polishes require UV or LED light to cure, creating a hardened finish that can withstand daily wear and tear. This curing process results in a glossy and chip-resistant manicure that lasts for weeks without losing its vibrant color or shine.

One notable advantage of gel nail polishes is their quick drying time. The UV or LED light facilitates rapid curing, allowing users to enjoy a smudge-free and fully set manicure within minutes. Additionally, gel polishes are available in a wide array of colors and finishes, providing endless possibilities for creative and stylish nail designs. The versatility of gel nail polishes has made them a preferred choice for those seeking salon-quality results at home.

However, the removal process of gel nail polish requires extra care. It involves soaking the nails in acetone to break down the gel, which can be time-consuming compared to regular polish removal. Despite this, the extended wear and vibrant results make gel nail polishes a go-to option for individuals looking for a long-lasting and professional-looking manicure.
Marina Grinchenko