Extending nails with builder gel is a popular technique in the realm of nail enhancements, providing individuals with the option to achieve longer and more durable nails. Builder gel is a thick, viscous substance that is applied directly to the natural nails or nail extensions. The gel is designed to create a sturdy and resilient foundation, offering support for lengthening the nails. Unlike regular gel polish, builder gel is sculpted onto the nail in layers to build thickness and structure.

The process of extending nails with builder gel involves several steps. After prepping the natural nails, a base gel may be applied to enhance adhesion. Then, the builder gel is meticulously shaped and sculpted onto the nail to achieve the desired length and form. A UV or LED light is used to cure each layer, ensuring a solid and durable finish. This technique allows for customization in terms of length and shape, catering to individual preferences and styles.

One of the notable benefits of extending nails with builder gel is the strength and longevity it provides. The resulting enhancements are more resistant to chipping and breaking compared to natural nails. Builder gel extensions also offer a smooth and polished surface, making them an ideal canvas for various nail art designs or a classic manicure. While the process may require skill and expertise, many individuals opt for builder gel extensions for a glamorous and enduring nail enhancement.
Marina Grinchenko